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Mujhay dukh huwa keh jissay main bhaiee samajhthee thee wooh hee mairee izat ko pamal kar raha thaa. I guess my face is O. I drop my head until my cheek is resting on the bulge in his pants and I lower my hips until I feel his face just where I like it, his mouth right were my little slit is waiting. His hand became tighter around my mouth. But he was not like that at all.
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Daddy!! Don't Get Me Pregnant

Those nights, I stayed in his bed with him, all night long. We had just ordered dessert when dad brought up the subject I was trying to ignore. This went on for about five minutes. From then on she used to beg for it at any given time and I being the benevolent father that I am, would fuck her until she couldn't take any more. Fucking swallow my cum!
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Incest Stories : Dad and I - A Gay Sex

Kaneez bhee mairee tarah hee apnay father ko baba aur mother ko amman kehthee thee. Can I please be your man in your life? Dad startled my ass as if getting ready to ride a horse. He grabbed my face by my jaw and caressed me. Birds, Bees and Booze Ch.
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I'd tell myself, "Look how much my daddy loves me," but still I knew it was bad and that I should be ashamed. Mainay tasweer ko chooma aur kaha keh baba aj hee rath ko main bhee apsay peechay say chudwaoongee. Stay still while I take your underpants off. I am ready. He replaced my father as the man who kept me front and center in his gaze, something I so desperately needed. Characters count: He took his hand from my mouth again, but this time he slid his finger under my tongue.
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